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IPS Community Suite 4.6

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  1. Invision Community 4.6.12 (Nulled)

    What's New in Version 4.6.12   
    Added a setting to control the successful webhook log duration.
    Added support for m4a audio files.
    Added member warnings to the moderator log.
    Updated the default robots.txt instructions to further reduce crawl wastage.
    Fixed an issue where deleting an item would return an error when the item had no valid URL.
    Fixed an issue where stream RSS Feeds may generate incomplete guest member account.
    Fixed the broken "achievements to show" widget setting.
    Fixed an issue where communities which were installed inside a directory where submitting an invalid keyLocation parameter to IndexNow .
    Fixed the comment_deleted webhook which wasn't fired.
    Fixed minor issue where the Upgrade AdminCP notification could throw an uncaught Error if the latest version request failed.
    Fixed an issue in the achievements member filter, where the "any" option would result in no matches.
    Fixed an issue search results could show an error under some circumstances.
    Fixed an issue where images within a quote within a reply could generate extra whitespace
    Fixed an issue where the  Member Sync extensions wouldn' tbe called as expected. onProfileUpdate
    Fixed an issue where "All / None" links were shown under the Followed Content section of notification options incorrectly.
    Fixed an issue where DailyMotion short URLs would not embed.
    Fixed an issue where long names can overlap the ... button in comments on small devices.
    Fixed the fallback download link for Quicktime videos which Chrome will not display as a video.
    Fixed an issue where the block submission word filter missed words or phrases with quotes and other HTML entities in them.
    Fixed an issue where the ACP Profile - Points page could get broken because of achievements rules from deleted applications.
    Fixed an issue where the REST API self-health check would suppress any errors caused when a friendly URL was used without the proper htaccess file.
    Fixed an issue where daily subscriptions for streams with an author set may not work correctly.
    Fix spam service filling up system logs if a license has expired.
    Fixed an issue in the stream subscriptions, where the stream ignored the date from the last email, so it fetched all the content instead of only the recent one which was created after the last sent email.
    Fixed a performance issue with the stream subscriptions task.
    Fixed an issue where admin pages would still show for disabled applications.
    Fixed an issue where uninstalling applications may leave orphan notifications.
    Fixed an issue where rank images may not be moved when altering storage configurations.
    Fixed some duplicate rel tags in share links.
    Fixed an issue with image rotation when uploading.
    Fixed an issue with the online widget cache.
    Fixed an issue where the cleanup task may fail when run via cron.
    Fixed an issue with PHP 8.0.17 by working around a zlib issue.
    Fixed an issue where hidden status updates were incorrectly styled in the moderator control panel.
    The social icons are now correctly shown on mobiles when the "Social Link Position" theme setting is set to "Header Background".
    The rank progress in the mobile navigation panel will no longer overlap navigation links.
    YouTube embeds will now load from the youtube-nocookie.com domain.
    Removed some no longer required acp restrictions.
    Removed orphaned 'Activity/Content Discovery' module.
    Removed disabled applications webhook references.
    Fixed an issue where Google rich results may not show the correct vote counts for answers.
    Fixed an issue where forum specific themes would throw an exception once deleted.
    Fixed a potential database error when viewing followed images.
    Fixed an issue where the record listing table would show the total count of items in the category + all it's child categories as total item count.
    Fixed an issue where the cms records widget settings form would throw an exception when error reporting was enabled.
    Fixed an issue where IP address tools would display all comments for every database.
    Fixed an issue where toggling the use forum for comments database setting could alter approval status.
    Fixed an issue where og:url is not set for category views.
    The business name input field is now shown globally instead only for EU countries.
    Fixed an issue where attempting to purchase a product that isn't allowed for the member, didn't show an error message when signing in during checkout.
    Fixed invalid JSON-LD product data when stock levels are based on custom field selections.
    Fixed social logins bypassing purchasing a product or subscription when it is required on registration.
    Fixed an issue using PayPal via Braintree.
    Fixed an issue display Braintree transactions in the AdminCP that had been processed by GooglePay.
    Fixed an issue where registering via Commerce may not log acceptance of terms and conditions.
    Fixed an issue where paying with account credit can leave a pending amount less than minimum amount processable via Stripe.
    Fixed an issue where the initial renewal term text may not update during checkout.
    Fixed an issue where grace periods were not correctly added when manually invoicing from the admin control panel.
    Removed the FX country code for france.
    Fixed the birthday output on the day view page.
    Fixed an issue where the activity stream widget would show the wrong event date as result.
    Optimised vBulletin 3/4 member conversion.
    Fixed an issue where passwords from WPForo may not work following a conversion.
    Fixed an issue converting smilies from vBulletin where a CDN was previously used.
    Fixed an issue formatting XenForo URLs when "unfurls" were used.
    Fixed an issue where downloads category counts were not calculated after a conversion.
    Updates to third-party libraries

    Updated Spectrum, a color picker library to the latest release version.
    Updated jQuery UI components to 1.13.1.
    Updated jQuery.nestedSortable.js to 2.1a.
    Updated CKEditor to 4.18.0.
    Changes affecting third-party developers and designers

    \IPS\Application::doMemberCheck () method added that can be added to subsequent subclasses which can force a user to perform an action before they may continue using the site.
    Converters now generate profile photo thumbnails via background task.


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  2. IPS Community Suite 4.6.11 - nulled

    IPS Community Suite 4.6.11
    Released 03/08/2022

    Additional Information

    Added a new 'block' feature to blocked words when posting.
    Added the ability to limit club cover photo file size.
    Added button to exit the Two Factor Authentication flow. Logs out if 2FA is required upon login. Goes to an unprotected location if 2FA is required only in that area.
    Added the ability to upload maskable application icons for progressive web apps.
    Upgraded plupload to 2.3.8.
    Adjusted cache headers to make sure set-cookie response headers are not cached by CDN/Edge.
    Fixed an issue where the close poll link may show to guests.
    Fixed an issue where advanced member search limited by 'joined' returns all members.
    Fixed an issue where searching for "Member Title" in the AdminCP returns a deprecated result.
    Fixed an issue where the Follow Member achievement rule did not award points or badges.
    Fixed an issue where group promotions with an achievements rule may not work correctly.
    Fixed an issue where some posted images incorrectly held posts for approval if the filename had an email address-like format.
    Fixed an issue where stored editor replies with lazy load embeds did not display correctly in the editor when applying.
    Fixed an error shown when the deleteOrMove content task tries to move content to an item that no longer exists.
    Fixed an issue where guests that do not have permission to see the site cannot view stream RSS feeds with a shared member ID and key.
    Fixed an issue applying patches where there was only PHP changes.
    Fixed an issue where missing images are shown when a mail client is unable to view SVG images.
    Fixed the missing Zapier related REST API endpoint access permissions.
    Fixed an issue where the all activity stream in condensed mode showed duplicate items when using ElasticSearch.
    Fixed an issue where the Stream Subscriptions Task could time out.
    Fixed an issue where themes may appear out of order in the theme selector.
    Fixed an issue where uploading multiple files to Pages could cause Safari to crash.
    Fixed the duplicate stream subscription emails.
    Removed Mobile App logic.

    Improved performance for the downloads index page.

    Fixed an issue where a topic in a Q&A forum may throw an uncaught error if it has zero posts (typically caused by the archive database link being broken)
    Fixed an issue when splitting a topic with a solved post, the old topic still claims to be solved.

    Fixed an issue with blog entries not saving future publish dates.
    Fixed an issue where a comment to an existing blog entry appeared as a new entry in streams.

    Fixed misleading language in streams used when other members uploaded into an owned album.
    Fixed an issue where Gallery uploads could timeout when building thumbnails for animated gifs.

    Fixed an issue where fetching the last post of a category could result in an error.
    Fixed an issue where the custom keywords meta tag would not be used when viewing a category.
    Fixed an issue where more than one block on a page of the same type would always show the same orientation.
    Fixed an issue where block visibility settings would show incorrectly when creating blocks via the admin control panel.
    Improved error message when creating a template group that already exists.

    Fixed the colors of the Commerce Overview widget in the ACP while using dark mode.
    Fixed an edge case issue where a validating member that has purchased something may get automatically deleted.
    Fixed an issue where a customer may not be able to pay for a custom product.
    REST & Webhooks

    Added new webhooks which are fired when a member joins or leaves a club.


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  3. Invision Community 4.6.10 (Nulled)

    The new version of Invision Community is 4.6.
    This is our February maintenance release.
    Key changes include:
    Support for IndexNow, a new way to inform search engines of new content.
    New Webhook trigger points.
    Added support for IndexNow.
    Added ability to allow administrators to fire webhooks for specific events.
    Added the ability to moderate or replace posted email addresses with an obfuscated placeholder in content.
    Added the CSRF key to the dynamic chart delete link.
    Implemented the banned IP addresses check for PBR content.
    Improved the REST API self diagnostics test and returned errors.
    Added few missing language strings for email stats.
    Updated HTMLPurifier to 4.14.0.
    Updated CKEditor to 4.17.1.
    Improved security for iframe embedding.
    Improved the default Robots.txt file to further increase crawl efficiency.
    Improved error handling when unexpected errors are encountered in upgrader.
    Fixed an issue where the AdminCP member history for posting restrictions may not show the correct length of time.
    Fixed an issue where the ACP Moderator Stats can time out with too many moderators
    Fixed an issue where cloud customers could see an incorrect cache error message.
    Fixed an issue where Profile Settings would throw an error instead of showing a validation error.
    Fixed an external link on the ACP gateway settings page to open in a new window.
    Fixed an issue where the cleanup task would return an error when it was executed via a cron job because of the missing session.
    Fixed an issue where awarding points or a badge wouldn't trigger the member sync and group promotion routines.
    Fixed some missing headings and value formatting in statistic tables.
    Fixed a display issue in the admin control panel for RSS import badges.
    Fixed an issue where cloning groups could leave incorrect search index permissions.
    Fixed sub-sub menu items showing in the wrong location when viewing the menu on mobile.
    Fixed a niche issue when using Redis for view logging and the task runs before any views have been logged.
    Fixed an issue where splitting multiple posts from a topic into a new one wouldn't update the search index properly.
    Fixed an issue where banned members were shown in achievement widgets.
    Fixed the broken link to status replies and comments inside the similar content widget.
    Fixed an incorrect css variable (--dialog--boxSHadow).
    Fixed an issue where copying an achievement rule wouldn't copy the additional language strings.
    Fixed the duplicate rel attribute in the Twitter share widget.
    Fixed an issue where personal messages were incorrectly awarded points.
    Fixed an issue where streams limited by tags did not show any results when using Elastic Search.
    Fixed an issue sending bulk mail when selecting one of the 'validating' options.
    Fixed an issue where some AdminCP text editor tags may not show descriptions.
    Fixed an issue where downloading a file may have the wrong filename when it has a long extension.
    Fixed the style tag on the offline page.
    Fixed an issue where banned and spammer member filter options were showing for bulk mail.
    Fixed a missing language string in the related content widget.
    Fixed an issue on the ACP - Social Media Promotion Page which returned the Permissions Warning even when no promotion services were available.
    Fixed a broken language string on the re-authenticate login prompt.
    Fixed social media promotion throwing an error if the Facebook or Twitter login handler is disabled.
    Fixed an issue where hidden or non-approved content was shown in the "Similar Content" Elastic Search widget (note: it was only shown to those with permission to see it).
    Fixed an issue where some emails may have two HTML wrappers.
    Fixed an issue where moderator logs may show untranslated content types.
    Fixed some issues upgrading from < 4.0.0 when using MySQL 8.0.2 or newer.
    Fixed broken "reveal author" buttons when an anonymous user is deleted.
    Fixed the broken ranks XML export.
    Fixed an issue where streams configured to return only content items returned also comments and reviews.
    Fixed the insert existing attachment page jump form not working in bulk mail.
    Bing Sitemap Support was removed because they deprecated the service.
    Fixed few issues in archived QA Topics.
    Fixed an issue where the cleanup task could fail when cron was used to run the tasks.
    Fixed an issue where expanding nodes in the advanced search form node selector element could be slow or time out.
    Fixed an issue where achievement ranks and badges were not exporting using the correct language.
    Fixed an issue where the  method would return the DB query instance instead of the value. Club::recountMembers()
    Fixed an issue where content may not be anonymized after deleting members.
    Fixed some issues caused by badly formed dates in the leaderboard.
    Fixed an issue with activity streams with the 'members I follow' filter on Elastic Search.
    Fixed the breadcrumb navigation inside Clubs.
    Fixed an issue where JSON-LD may not show an author for Q&A topics.
    Fixed an issue where solved statistics may not show correctly.
    Fixed an issue where it was possible to create a redirect forum without setting a redirect target.
    Fixed an issue where 'Unmark as Solution' moderator log was missing the post id.
    Fixed an issue where Tax wasn't shown in the subscription upgrade charge.
    Fixed an issue where the 'new products' block on the Store page may not show accurate stock levels.
    Fixed the HTML structure of the Featured Products widget, which previously resulted in a broken paragraph tag.
    Fixed the customer page throwing an error if an application that implements a package type is uninstalled.
    Removed stripe.js from non Commerce related pages.
    Fixed an issue with submitting file links without uploading a file when multiple files are not allowed.
    Fixed an issue where search for templates did not return the correct results.
    Fixed an issue where turning on template editing diff reduces the size of the editor.
    Fixed an error shown on the create event form when an invalid input date is provided.
    Fixed an issue where the current date was not selected when creating an event from the day view.
    Fixed a minor issue when converting soft deleted topics from MyBB.
    REST & Webhooks
    Added new webhooks which are fired when content is deleted.
    Changes affecting third-party developers and designers
    Added backticks to table names in update and delete queries.
    Updated the method definition for  in MemberRestriction extensions. changesForHistory()
    Fixed an issue with the template Hextorgb plugin throwing an error.
    The member_edited webhook will now only be fired if there are any data in the  parameter. $changes
    Changed the  parameter in  to a class constant instead of bool. $useWrapper\IPS\Email::buildFromContent()
    Removed . \IPS\core\extensions\core\MemberFilter\Locked


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  4. Invision Community Nulled 4.6.9 (Nulled)

    The new version of Invision Community is 4.6.
    What's New in Version 4.6.9
    There are no changes for this version.


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  5. IPS Community Suite 4.6.5 NULLED

    IPS Community Suite 4.6.5

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  6. IPS Community Suite 4.6.4 NULLED

    Key Changes
    This is a maintenance release for Invision Community 4.6.
    Additional Information
    Added ability to specify ...&_bypassItemIdCheck=1 inside the request URL parameters to a Content Item controller to override the default behavior of checking if the item exists. Fixed some AdminCP upgrade issues when PHP 8 is used. Fixed an issue where Marketplace onboarding may be blocked when upgrading from 4.4 or older. Fixed a javascript error that meant registration failed on sites using Invisible ReCaptcha. Fixed missing profile field content missing on content submissions. Fixed an issue where next/previous arrows would not show up when viewing multiple Images. Fixed an issue where achievement badges are not always given. Added the option to choose between the recipient and reaction giver when setting the milestone. Fixed MFA/2FA issue where there was no close button for the 2fa modal Fixed an issue preventing Marketplace installs of your own Marketplace resources. Fixed an issue where Content Item Controllers returned 200 by default when they should return 404 or 403 (not found or forbidden). Fixed some language evaluation issues when PHP 8 is used. All buttons in #elUserNav now use the correct text color. Fixed an issue where members were able to delete their own status updates without permission. Fixed an issue where the Authy icon may not show on the login screen. Fixed an issue where it was not possible to promote guest content. Fixed an issue where the oAuth login handler setting "Ask the user to provide a display name" can be ignored. Fixed an issue where it was not possible to add meta data to items authored by guests. Fixed an issue where \IPS\Node\Statistics can fail due to a missing column name prefix. Fixed an issue where Admin log in can fail with a '"2S119/1' error. Fixed a potential timeout when mass deleting guest content. Fixed a PHP8 issue where promoting to Twitter fails Fixed an issue in which the limit argument passed to contentImages() methods of various Content Item controllers wasn't respected Fixed few missing language strings on the ACP - member profile page. Fixed an issue where points for 'SessionStartDaily' achievement extension could be awarded even when a milestone had been hit Fixed an issue where achievement rules for adding a comment would not trigger the milestone correctly when specifying nodes. Fixed an issue where rank information would show with guest posts. Fixed an issue with outgoing emails using native php mail function. Added a Delete query as an upgrade step to remove old 'best_answer' notifications. Fixed an issue where the cleanup task may show an error and fail to run. Fixed a potential memory exhaustion error when generating the sitemap. Forums
    Improved how the forums statistics widget calculates number of posts on large communities. Fixed an issue where rich text results may show an error for image only answers. Pages
    Fixed an issue where search stops working with a Pages database in specific situations. Commerce
    Fixed an issue where transactions show a broken profile photo for a deleted member. Fixed a rare issue where a payment via PayPal may not show the subscription option, or use subscriptions where forced. Fixed an issue where it was possible to change a Subscription when there was an active PayPal Subscription. Fixed an issue where an incomplete account may not prompt for missing data after using login handler via checkout. Fixed an issue approving a PayPal Subscription transaction when it was put on hold by fraud rules. Fixed an issue where the gift voucher navtab or page could result in an error under certain circumstances. Fixed a broken link while managing Shipping Rates. Fixed an issue where it was possible to upgrade incorrectly when renewals were removed, and the new package had upgrade set to pro-rata. Fixed a race condition that can happen when Stripe sends a web hook request very quickly after charging a customer (renewals & device payments). Removed "Print Invoice" option when Guests don't have access to the Billing and Purchases module.

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  7. Invision Community Suite NULLED

    Please note that not all third-party applications and themes are yet compatible with Invision Community 4.6. If you utilize third-party resources, including custom themes, please ensure they have been declared compatible by their respective authors or your site may be non-functional after an upgrade.
    Key Changes
    This is a maintenance release for Invision Community 4.6.
    Additional Information
    View the detailed breakdown of this release, here:


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