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IPS Community Suite (Nulled)

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Improved password security checks allow you to determine password values that are identical to your account or email username, and consider them weak.

The method of encrypting a particular text has been improved.

Improved processing of AdminCP sessions, removal of session ID from URLs, and introduction of alternative CSRF protection.

Improved email change process to cancel any pending password reset requests.

Fixed an error that could bypass the limit on the number of messenger recipients.

A niche issue has been fixed in which it was possible to view attachments of other profile fields on the registration page in certain configurations.

Fixed the problem with the state of the race, because of which it was possible to artificially inflate or reduce the rating of the user's reputation.


Added a beta version of the integration of zapier for the Invision Cloud communities.

Added new activity feeds and Twitter widgets

New viewing modes have been added, existing ones have been improved, and additional features have been added to view the theme.

Added the initial registration screen to AdminCP for new installations.

Added the ability to filter participants in AdminCP by rank.

Added the ability to mark the message as a solution without the need for a full quality control mode.

Added the ability to only show a preview of new personal messages/notifications about new content via email to encourage re-engagement to the community.

Added the ability to insert TikTok links into the editor.

Added the option to choose from stock photos when uploading images.

Added the ability to disable ads on non-content pages.

Partial download support has been added to the Amazon S3, allowing you to download larger files.

Added support for PHP 7.4.

Added sign-in support for Apple.

Support for 4 versions of the API has been added to reduce links to bit.ly.

New options have been added to reduce subscriptions, known IP addresses, well-known devices and item tokens have been updated, and default settings for some existing deletion options.

Added opportunity for club owners and leaders to create and manage static pages in their clubs.

Added the ability to show content messages only to employees (moderators).

Added a list of participants who reacted to the contents of the pop-up tip when hovering over the reaction icon.

Added a review of page statistics in AdminCP.

Added a version of the plug-in to the ACP plug-in list.

Added type search option when selecting tags from a closed tag field that contains more than 20 tags.

Added support for non-English search in Giphy when the site uses language supported by Giphy.

Added additional static-type links to the site map file.

Added the ability to filter on customizable profile fields in the mailing list, group promotions and export lists of participants.

Added the ability to create your own phrases in the language system.

Statistics can now be downloaded as CSV files.

Added the opportunity for club owners and leaders to manage the visibility of the members page.

Referral tracking has been improved and an invitation feature has been introduced to the global community.

Improved editor of live metatags.

Several areas of the software have improved performance.

An improved upgrade module in AdminCP that allows you to handle more types of updates and improve reliability.

Added a setting that determines which comment you see first when you open an item.

Added the ability for administrators to force users to reset their passwords.

Added pending invitations to the club on the sidebar of the club's catalogue.

Added setting to disable automatic language definition.

Added the opportunity for participants to cancel requests to join the club.

Added the option to include club content in widgets.

Added the option to include/exclude widgets in clubs.

Added adminCP stats page for clubs.

Added search tracking and a statistics page to monitor the use of search queries.

Added explanations to the editing log on the external interface when you delete editing logs.

Added a friendlier error message when you fail to download due to a server issue.

Added the current execution percentage for progress indicators.

Added the ability to filter the reputation on the specified and received statistics in AdminCP by date.

In file_uploads support tool added a check of the PHP configuration directive.

Added theme settings to set the maximum width of the logo for each device size.

The default app change will be registered in the ACP Administrator's Journal.

Added opportunity for club leaders to specify rules for the club and force club members to recognise them.

The app-sharing in the block manager has been removed.

The ability to import profile photos from a remote URL has been removed to improve security.

The image proxy function has been removed to improve security.

Digg and Delicious links have been removed.

The default installations did not show the remote newsletter widget on the sidebar.

Improved checking the availability of the name displayed when the name contains multiple parallel spaces.

Improved memory usage when uploading large images by processing the size and rotation changes in the user's browser, rather than on the server.

Improved GeoIP search caches for longer periods of time.

The randomization for widgets that are "random" has been improved.

Improved log of curl-related bugs to enable the URL to which curl was trying to connect.

Minor upgrades to embedding styles.

Logining into the system anonymously is now more securely tracked on multiple devices.

Long quotes will now be automatically trimmed using the "Read More" link to expand the quote and make it easier to use when using long quotes.

Search compatibility updates for Elastic Search 7.

Updated with CKEditor until 4.14.

Tagging a participant as a spammer will now remove all profile photos they could upload.

The map of clubs is now centered around available clubs rather than showing the whole world.

The redirection targets from clubs have been changed to redirect to the club function after the creation of this function and when a member joins the club.

The "Service Tasks Don't Run" notification has been changed to check for two or more tasks that have not been run to reduce the number of false positive notifications if a feature is enabled to complete a task that has not been performed for a long time.

The ability to view the list of participants with extended search has been restored without adding unnecessary additional parameters to the URL.

Fixed a specific code to remove the depend on the functionality of MyS'L, which is out of date with version 8.0.17.

A synthactic analyzer has been changed to skip the tags to avoid errors when importing RSS that can use them.

The process of deleting content has been changed so that content-related reports are no longer deleted.

Added exit from the system as a controller that can bypass the forced termination of an account when the login handler can't pre-fill a username or email address.

Added rel'"nofollow" specific links to instruct search engines not to follow them.

Added the ability to export player reputation points when downloading a list of participants from AdminCP.

Added a confirmation dialogue for the "Default Threads Restore" button in AdminCP.

The Google Maps customization page in AdminCP has been improved.

The reporting center now handles content correctly while waiting to be removed.

Updated Google Charts for the latest version of the API (v47).

Improved editing of the secondary group of participants by automatically switching between the flags and the selection menu, depending on the number of groups present.

Improved way to call traffic start tasks.

An AdminCP email error notification has been updated to start logging in instead of sending an email.

The recommended PHP version has been updated to 7.3.

Fragments of search results are now cropped on the server before they are transferred to the browser to improve efficiency.

Tags are now displayed in search results/streams on mobile devices.

Updated URL used for Twitter oEmbed queries.

Added support to convert words into links, as well as abbreviations in the publication settings.

A bug has been fixed that may have made some nodes unavailable in various areas of the software (e.g. forums that are not available to move sub-forums when you delete the parent forum, and user page blocks that are not available for selection in the widget manager).

Fixed an error that didn't add attachments to the club editor's custom fields.

Fixed an error that caused the administrator's verified accounts after registration did not cause the following notifications to be sent.

A bug has been fixed that caused the mail content filters to cause an error.

Fixed an error that made the comment editing and the use of a word filter that was configured to store content for the moderator's approval, in fact could not do so

Fixed an error that didn't update the thread filters when the time period changed.

A fixed error that allowed items in the main "more" overflow menu to appear in the wrong order.

Fixed an error that did not show the content of the public club in the streams and when searching for guests.

A fixed error that led to a link to a file review item indicating an incorrect location.

A bug has been fixed that may have resulted in a template error in the admin control panel when the mail notifications failed.

A bug has been fixed that prevents preordained tags that did not appear in the category settings when using a closed system.

Fixed the bug, because of which only 25 results were shown in the search.

A bug that could not be removed from the database has been fixed.

A fixed error that could have resulted in Mapbox geolocation returning incorrect location data in some cases.

Fixed an error that made the participants of mass movement/pruning unable to produce any results.

Fixed a problem that removed this content when deleting the club when you removed the club, not moved it.

Fixed an error that could have been duplicated in subscriber lists.

A bug has been fixed that can cause selected security issues to be reset when you sign up if the form reboots with an error.

The error of calculating the age of the participant in some places has been corrected.

Fixed an error that allowed HTML ads to be saved without an HTML code, which resulted in a PHP notification when the ad was previewed.

A bug has been fixed that could have shown dates in the wrong format in some configurations.

Fixed an error that could leave the app removed, which could have left attachments for the app.

Fixed an error that can prevent embedded notifications from appearing.

Fixed an error that made compressed/extended thread switches not work when you were directly visiting the URL.

A bug has been fixed that redirected the multimoderization activity on the single page to the first page.

A conflict that can occur when two or more external databases are configured to process login.

Fixed an error that allowed you to bypass profanity filters when using quick header editing.

An error has been fixed that may prevent the requirement verification tool from highlighting problems with the storage configuration if it exists.

A bug that can show the wrong file size when you download.

An error has been fixed that could show up as filter settings in threads because of the types of content that are not searchable.

Fixed an error that didn't make the support tool clear the guest page caches.

A fixed error that made it impossible to comment on the status update message.

A fix that could have been the default module that could have been incorrectly installed when a new application was installed.

Fixed an error that allowed meta-games to be added to pages for which they were not intended

Fixed an error that did not match the group promotion rules on the date of the accession, the last published and the last visit.

Fixed the error, which made the disconnection of clubs in the settings visible option "Allow the moderators of the clubs."

Fixed an error that didn't show all available areas when RSS was exported.

Some of the limits tracking and reset issues are fixed when a group is subject to a limit on the number of attachments.

An error has been fixed that can cause miniature images to appear distorted if the "Maximum Image Size to Display" option is very low.

Fixed an error that could have caused a guest cache to issue an error if there was a problem with the database.

Fixed a potential problem that may occur when you update innoDB tables when MyS'L is set to use MyISAM by default.

A bug has been fixed that could have been handled by unnecessary site profile files.

The JavaScript bug, which in some cases may have been caused by a delayed download, has been fixed.

Fixed an error that could cause drag markers to appear incorrectly when trying to adjust the order of tabs on the club's navigation bar.

Fixed an error that caused some URLs not to be received as expected.

Fixed an error that made it something that could prevent members who could hide their own content from hiding items when they created them.

Fixed the error, because of which blog posts do not update information about the club for the last time.

A fixed error that prevented the removal of sections from moving the contents of clubs to other clubs.

Fixed the problem with certain embedding (such as Spotify) in certain environments.

A fixed error that left the "Marked as a Spammer" notification missing information about who was tagged as a spammer.

Fixed an error in which subscription cancellation links didn't work in some cases where email link tracking is used.

Fixed an error that redirects you to the report center to contact hidden content in the CP Moderator.

Updated HTMLPurifier to 4.11.0.

The administrator's ability to override the user's time zone has been removed.

Centralized RSS imports and added support for image investments in exports and imports.

A bug has been fixed that could have caused several YouTube inserts in the editor to overflow the editor's shell boundaries.

Fixed an error that caused the default country to incorrectly enter an address for some users.

A fixed error that allows two groups of moderators to apply per user to allow the user to withdraw warnings even if they don't have permission.

Fixed an error that made the carousel widgets unable to scroll in certain configurations.

Fixed certain content links, such as links to direct messages, that didn't always lead you to the right page in a multi-page topic.

Fixed an error that would show the oldest item in the site map instead of the newest content when you set the limit on the maximum number of items in the site map.

A fixed bug that could have resulted in a "non-standard content flash" in Firefox when the embedded content was downloaded on hold.

The problem in AdminCP was fixed when a pop-up hint appeared behind the edge of the screen where the item was not given the name displayed.

Fixed an error that didn't redirect the reaction back to the reputation settings tab.

Fixed a problem in which terms and tags could be removed from search queries in certain circumstances.

A fixed error that could have accidentally saved some addresses in a specific location.

Fixed an error that could show the wrong preview pattern when you downloaded the attachments.

Fixed the problem of pastiche with the "Back" button in the menu manager.

Fixed the potential to send to a random page when you split comments from one content item to another content item.

A bug has been fixed that left images in the file system as a result of the removal of reactions.

Some issues with the structured markup check have been fixed.

Fixed the error of the S'L in certain (intentionally invalid) login attempts to enter the AdminCP system.

Fixed an error that could have led to the database appearing if the login form was sent without credentials provided in certain scenarios.

Fixed an error that allowed clubs to reflect the wrong date of the last activity.

A bug has been fixed that has resulted in signature settings being displayed while ignoring users, even if the signatures are disabled.

Fixed an error that did not require new members to attend the last time.

An error was corrected that the checkboxes installed for custom fields could not be set as searchable.

An error has been fixed that prevents an administrator who can manage group moderators or moderators (but not both) from seeing the right settings when adding moderators.

A bug has been fixed that could have been lost on the disk.

Fixed an error that made reference to the topic misused in the settings of unread/first/last user messages.

Fixed an error that made participants aware that they were in the mod queue because of a warning that had already expired.

A fixed bug that prevents a content from being published before registering content is not processed if the feature is disabled.

Fixed an error that might have occurred when a cron-based request leads to content analysis, such as when performing tasks through cron after a 3.x update.

A fixed error caused an error to save the group's empty-name.

A potential S-L error that may occur when you upgrade with an IP has been fixed. Board 3.4.9.

Fixed the problem of page breaking in tables when certain special characters were included in the URL.

A potential bug that may occur when some third-party applications are removed has been fixed.

Fixed the problem with the language package list formats when you first add a new language package.

Fixed an error that made it possible to use a lightbox for images that had not yet been uploaded to the browser when it was delayed downloaded.

Fixed an error that resulted in the REST API returning an error when receiving club data.

A fixed bug that caused the back button to be pushed into the browser after moving to a new table page did not result in the correct content being downloaded.

A bug has been fixed that could cause the menus to drop in the main navigation bar to disappear as the mouse cursor moves.

The mismatch of styles in AdminCP with the club page when clubs are disabled has been corrected.

Fixed an EX0 bug that can occur with widgets in certain configurations.

A fixed error that could have caused the deletion of a comment or recall to incorrectly update the counter on the relevant tab or remove the tab altogether.

Fixed an error that didn't work when friendly URLs were disabled

Fixed an error that didn't automatically detect some columns when items were imported from CSV.

Fixed club viewing error on PHP 7.4.

Fixed Twitch embed after the Twitch.tv update.

Fixed the bug when using extended table search in PHP 7.4.

Fixed the excess number of spaces included in the editor when a particular text is used in the editor for the item being promoted.

Fixed the problem with the "insert existing attachment" feature in AdminCP in some cases.

Fixed a few out-of-date phrases when you're sent back from the emails.

A fixed error that could have made the "Save the Proportions" option when editing image sizes in the editor might not appear incorrectly by default.

Fixed an incorrect message that is displayed in the AdminCP account bath.

Fixed an error that could have been ripped off by links in text messages when clicks were tracked.

The editor buttons have been fixed, not replacing multiple instances of the variable.

Fixed the inability to edit a message that contains a poorly inserted quote.

A bug has been fixed that can still be replaced in the editor, even if the option is disabled.

Fixed the close of the quick search menu in the interface when you click on certain lines instead of labels.

Some JavaScript errors that may occur when you update a page through AJAX have been fixed.

Fixed the S'L error, which may occur when the update occurs in some cases.

A bug has been fixed that has moved some buttons in AdminCP to the top footer of the page from the tab that owns the button when the page restarts.

Fixed the "note to the participant" field when warning about the removal of a member when the reason for the warning is changed.

Fixed an error that could allow the REST API to display the "last action" time of other members, regardless of the anonymity settings.

The "Mobile Nav Background" theme was correctly renamed "Main Nav Nav Background."

Fixed the wrong page layout on the username story page.

Attachment headlines are no longer cropped vertically.

The "Condition Confirmation" page has been wrapped in .ipsBox to improve contrast in certain topics.

Notifications to the author are no longer sent for related content in quotes.

An error has been fixed that may prevent AdminCP and Profile items from appearing, even if the administrator with limited rights has access to their parts.

Fixed an error that made the verifiable participants appear in the search results.

A Windows bug has been fixed that could have caused certain date and language line values to be breached.

Fixed an error that didn't record template file files in some environments

A fixed error that led to inappropriate SMTP email credentials being published twice in some cases.

Fixed performance issue when you submit a usage report.

Fixed the problem with viewing all reactions to individual comments.

Using OAuth2, a certain registration was removed, which was unnecessary and could take up a lot of space in the database.

Fixed an error that could inadvertently start the front session handler using "IPS'Output::i'-gt'gt;sendOutput."

Removed the Delete and "Mark as a Spammer" buttons from the grouping lines of the items.

Fixed an error that could inadvertently start the front session handler using "IPS'Output::i'-gt'gt;sendOutput."

Fixed an error that resulted in the download of a new emoji with IN_DEV enabled resulted in an exception to PHP 7.4.

A fixed error that caused a previous error could have caused a remote image proxy task to be errored.

Fixed the bug sorting the SEARCH results of the IP address of a personal conversation by date in AdminCP .

Fixed that birthdays sometimes don't show up in profiles.

A fixed bug that resulted in a PHP 7.3 bug appearing in the profiles of users with disabled subscribers.

A bug has been fixed that prevents newly created club icons from appearing when editing.

Fixed an error that didn't automatically insert links on Twitter to mobile devices

A rare error that occurs when the block is removed with the help of a block manager has been fixed.

Fixed an error that would indicate that a new site could indicate the availability of content when it is empty when copying a site (such as a forum) that has content pending the approval of the moderator.

Fixed an error that prevented the correct download of certain images inserted into the editor.

A bug has been fixed that make it impossible to keep the "exclude groups from the leaderboard" option.

Fixed the problem with displaying colored emojis in some environments.

Fixed an error that didn't keep the metatag editor in shape if only the site's title was set without additional tags.

Fixed autocomplete fields that didn't initially expand to show all text when you insert value into the field.

Fixed the removal of the category while removing the children at the same time, without removing the child categories further than the first child level.

A fixed error that could see guests on the comment list when they used the message before signing up in notifications of new comments.

Fixed an error that made club filter settings appear in activity streams when clubs were not available.

Fixed an error that made it impossible to reset the password if the community was offline and enabled email click tracking.

Corrects the invalid "Thank you for voting" message when voting checks fail.

Fixed a problem that could still allow deleted comments in some apps to be shown to moderators with permission to view them.

A fixed error that caused 2FA security questions to be set up caused an error in PHP 7.4.

A bug has been fixed that has resulted in gaps appearing on the desktop installed to align on the bottom edge.

Fixed an error that didn't make large images in emails respond to all devices.

Fixed an unspecified variable in the HTML update template.

Changes to updates to record the current upgrade step to the database, not to the temporary file on the drive.


Improved performance for certain (general) repetitive event patterns.

The Upcoming Events widget has been modified to take into account the configured widget caching period (previously we forced the widget to cache within 12 hours).

A fixed error that sent event reminders to the original date if the event was edited.

Fixed an error that may not reflect the correct date after the event is saved if it is listed.

Fixed an error that may not have caused a recurring event to be created.

Fixed an error that allowed you to send reminders of events that no longer appear.

Fixed an error that caused some events to appear incorrectly the day after they occurred, in addition to the correct date.

I've fixed the import failure of iCal files in some cases.


Page designer widgets have been added to create visually interesting pages.

Added support for moving comments to posts between Forums and Page apps.

If necessary, Open Graph tags are added for pages without a database.

Tags for manual HTML pages and blocks now include custom phrases from the language system with the ability to add new straights from the form.

WYSIWYG Widgets are now available for multi-language communities.

The performance of large page databases has been improved.

Improved pattern management.

Added lazyload for YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify fields.

An outdated option for using a special gateway or index for pages has been removed.

The "Show that message has been edited" option has been changed, which is disabled by default to match the rest of the package.

An error has been fixed that could have been mis-associated or edited by other users who send comments or posts.

Fixed an error that made hidden posts or comments the wrong reason for hiding.

Fixed a problem with structured data JSON and LD, which could make Google's Webmaster Tools unmarked structured data for page database records as invalid.

The potential overflow problem in the form of database records for small devices has been fixed.

A bug has been fixed that may not be properly redirected if the wrong register is used in a statically friendly URL.

Fixed an error that caused the records not to be redirected properly after moving while using a static, friendly URL value.

A bug has been fixed that prevents blocks built in from the outside if you don't set "Everywhere" for the "Allow Community Embedding in iframe" option.

A bug that prevents page numbering from non-database pages from being filtered has been fixed.

A bug that made it impossible to establish permission to publish in the future for individual databases was fixed.

Fixed an error that could have left the sidebar to remove unnecessary blocks.

A fixed error that made the database category block appear without a frame when horizontally displayed.

An error has been fixed that didn't make the block templates set correctly.

Fixed an error that made menu headlines unable to properly use database titles when installed as a redefinition.

Fixed an error that may cause ratings to appear incorrectly if reviews are disabled.

Fixed an error that caused the lastMod to misidentify the site map.

A database error that may have occurred when the IP was updated has been fixed. Content from the version to Invision Community 4.x.

A fixed bug that didn't show the title and content fields in the "quick update" form when viewing the Page record if they were configured to do so.

Fixed an error when you try to delete the feedback response in the page database.

Fixed notice that notification is not sent when user fields are updated to record when you view the record.

Fixed an error in which the width/height attributes for Youtube fields were not taken into account in databases.

A fixed bug that may incorrectly appear as an administrator's write-in incorrectly in the page database.

Fixed an error that made the selection field set as a header for the database did not require the user to choose a non-empty option.

Fixed an error that could have interrupted the task of restoring the site map when you tried to create a site map for a non-existent database.

A bug has been fixed that redirected the wrong pattern when creating and editing page templates after saving the newly created template.

Fixed an error that may have occurred in Pages databases when a customized theme is not the default on the page on which the database is located.

A fixed error that made the insert icon in the message appear for recording images, even if it didn't work.

The ability to edit topics that are automatically created by the page database is removed.


Added the ability to have trial periods for packages and subscription plans and get map information in advance if it's a free trial.

Added the ability to identify

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