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Shoutbox by Siropu 1.7.1

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This is a shoutbox widget that you can add in any of the available widget positions.

Minimum age required - Enable shoutbox based on user's age.

Shoutbox refresh interval - Allows you to set refresh interval for new messages. This option can be disabled.

Shoutbox refresh timeout - Stop refresh interval for inactive users after x minutes


Delete shouts older than - Allows you to auto-delete shouts older than x days.

Auto prune shoutbox every x hours.

Auto plum message.

Enable navigation tab - Allows you to chat in a dedicated page

Enable sound - Enable sound notification for new shouts.

Enable avatars - Display user avatar in shout.

Allow BB codes - Controls if BB codes are parsed or not.

Enable auto link - Auto link/embed URLs and media sites.

Enable smilie button - For easy smilie access.

Reverse ordering - Place input box at the bottom and display new messages from the bottom to the top

Quick user tagging button with shout highlight.

Footer - Allows you to add custom content (text, ads, etc) in the shoutbox footer.

Thread ID - Post shouts in a dedicated thread as well.

Thread message minimum length - Set minimum length required for shouts.

Ban users with ban list

Archive with option to search by user and keywords

It has user group permissions for using shoutbox, editing/deleting shouts, prune shoutbox (/prune)

When scrolling at the bottom of the shouts, older shouts will be automatically loaded.

Compatible XF Versions  , 2.2





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