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  1. Whmcs is the best out there and actually can be fully automated. I dont recommend to be FULLY because of all the fraud out there and especially if you sell domain names. Make sure to use maxmind or a similar service and set up your fraud protection. if you have questions do not hesitate to ask. p.s. if its nulled becareful posting on sites like WHT , there was a site shameless host that just attacked ppl who used anything nulled or warez related
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    Themes for the billing software or for the CMS?
  3. Your name (optional, we understand privacy) Thomas C. How old are you? (optional, we understand privacy) 42 Where you from? (country/state) Texas what script you currently use WORDPRESS I will soon be known on this , if this site maintains control. I am currently working on a vast network of money funneling (legal) but need some coders that you can only find in places like this. Merged I am highly curious, when would it be that i am no lnoger on account moderation and can browse freely as well as communicate with fellow members? as one can see I am highly motivated to be part of the community but not limited.
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