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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello https://invisioncommunity.com/news/company/whats-new-in-460-r1229/ https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/460-beta-2-r99/
  2. Hello, I updated because I had two security issues it's okay they are no longer there but I have copyright removed which and returned ?.
  3. Version 4.5.x


    About This File Villain is a dark, semi-transparent dark skin which includes a simple background picker allowing your members to choose their own image from a preset array of high quality background images. Perfect for any community, and especially great for gaming forums or site who want to offer customization options to their members! Villain was last updated on December 13, 2020 and is compatible with the latest version of Invision Community 4.5.x, including all official Invision addons. Please upgrade to the latest version of Invision Community before
  4. Hello, I am also looking for something for that.4.5.
  5. Hello, Sorry I can't tell you but if you got serious feedback it must be good
  6. Hello, Ips without hesitation xenforo too complicated to use
  7. Hello, I think you are on the wrong topic
  8. Hello Nickolas Welcome to the site
  9. Hello, For me it's nordvpn
  10. Hello, I prefer IPS I have always had this Why because simple effective and often new the 4.6 will tear
  11. Hello, I finally find the new forum I am counting on coming back among you. Me David 45 years retired I live in the south of France I love my dog , my girlfriend, Good to you the website Good na you.
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