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  1. Kzin


    welcome to the madness CSS3, I hope you enjoy your stay!
  2. For me if I am using an ftp program it is for the transferring of programs from a questionable location (warez) but if i am developing a web application then I use the built-in ftp part of the Jetbrains development programs.
  3. I am a jetbrains dot com advocate. I use all their products. every single day. Example, Currently working on a forum application. ( just to see if I could)
  4. ahhh, but what if you want both "A cms and forums" integrated!
  5. I just went through making a quick decision on this very subject. I wanted just a forum where people can share their ideas and code but didn't want the forum look for the front page of the site. I hymned and hummed about the decision for about a week or so. I was taking so long to make a decision, that I finally just threw up a WordPress app to get the site started. It was quick and easy and has soooo many different addons (Plugins) to make the site look and feel pretty much anyway that you want to. So in the end i would say if your looking to have something quick and easy that has all the bells and whistles to assist your community, then WordPress has the power and flexibility to accommodate just that. The other option is a custom cms that has been custom developed but does not have the addons (atm) and or the lack of possible features that you are maybe looking for. It really comes down to how much effort that you are willing to contribute in creating a truly unique and functional work of art!
  6. For me it's a dog, We have a Shitzu/Beagle 2.5 years old now. a mutt but I love it
  7. Kzin

    Hi there

    Thank you, I appreciate this kind of community and the people in it.
  8. I'm an old guy but a New member here, looking for a new home for scripts. Been outta the scene for a while, returning now.
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