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(Inv&k4) Traffic Generator [re]

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(Inv&k4) Traffic Generator [re]

Plugin to generate fake traffic on the forum.
Remake of the Invisionizer plugin.

For the most part, updated and changed.

Fixed work on IPS 4.6.

Fixed work on PHP 8.

Fixed the generation of browsers and their versions.

The pool of generated browsers has been expanded and their versions have been updated to the latest ones.

Removed some locations for visiting participants and guests.

Added the ability to change the interval of traffic generation.

Added the ability to issue achievements for registration days and daily visits.

Added the ability to generate a random amount of traffic.

Added the ability to disable automatic deletion of generated sessions. That is, they will be deleted by the system, like normal sessions. It is better not to touch, I will remove it later, most likely.


Compatibility: 4.6.
PHP: 7-8.

The plugin is still being tested, there may be errors, although at this stage I did not meet them again.


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